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Wild Seasonal Bundle | Box
£ 18.95

A mix of the season's top offerings, specially selected to offer a slice of seasonality and deliciousness.

Each box will include three items to reflect the diversity of the season. You will get a Wild Salad Mix and Wild Sea Veg Mix and a mystery special guest which changes regularly!

We will also include helpful information cards to inspire you with ways to use your new wild food delectables!


'I love the wild bundle box! It’s like Christmas, not knowing what will arrive but knowing for sure it will be super exciting. The wild greens just have so many crazy wonderful flavours and there is always something new in each box. I love it.' - Lola


'Thank you so much for the introduction of wild foods...I can now have foods with integrity, full of vitality and wholesomeness. Your wild food bundle was a beautiful blend of wild salads and wild veg... it's so exciting to know that your wild bundles are seasonal so one is able to experience all that the land as to offer.' - Carol


'I really enjoyed the box. It's a great way to learn as no ID book can ever hope to be used to learn the plants as well as I can seeing them in real life... Keep up the good work and keep spreading the knowledge! It's needed now more than ever.' - Simon

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